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Super Lemon Haze
Pineapple Express
Black Tuna Kush
Cali bubba
BC Rockstar strain
Purple Kush
CBD Gummy Bears
Northern Lights
Girl Scout Cookies
Laughing Buddha Hash
God’s Green Crack
Sour Diesel
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Why Shop From Our Marijuana Dispensary?

As one of the leading trustworthy and oldest online cannabis Aussie Shop, Ganja-Australia guarantees you the most premium quality strains, concentrates & accessories in Australia. Not just another business like our competitors, marijuana for us is not just a business but a way of life and happiness. We have been at the forefront of the legalization movement and participating in rallies and doing all we can for the cause we believe in. This reflects in our high standards of commitment to each and every one of customers. We are committed and respect our values: providing the community with quality of products, best prices, and superior customer support Australia-wide.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us


10/10 my 4th order with Ganja-Australia – i can’t complain

Gavin M.

Packaging and Shipping of my was smart

I love the way you do your packaging so discreet and intelligent, I can order with no worries

Natalie G.

Really Premium Buds I got

My very first time to get premium buds here in Australia,

the very best and highly recommend anytime any day to my mates

K. Keith

Awesome 420 shop

I am thrilled by the ease with which the transactions happen.

Awesome service

Dean L.



Buy weed Australia

Buy Weed Australia Safe, Secure and Discretely Order Cannabis – Marijuana in Australia. Top grade A+++ strains, Hooch / Weed / 420 / Kush / Green / Ganja / Buds / Choof

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