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Chocolope strain cannabis  is a full Sativa strain. It came about by crossing Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. It has a rich flavor reminiscent of dark cocoa and coffee with earthy undertones coupled with hints of vanilla bean. A wonderful strain to start your morning off with – as it provides a potent energy boost.

Provides medicinal benefits for patients suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, stress, depression, migraines, fatigue, and muscle spasms. However, people who are sensitive to psychedelic or paranoia effects might need to exercise caution while using this strain. As always, when trying out a new strain, exercise caution by starting slow and seeing how your personal biochemistry reacts with this soon-to-be cult classic, and enjoy!

chocolope-strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 95% Sativa  THC: 15-18%


Happy 100% – Uplifted 93% – Relaxed 85% – Energetic 80% – Euphoric 70%


Stress  100% – Depression 85% – Fatigue 55% – Pain 40% – Nausea 20%

Side effects

Dry Mouth  100% –  Dry Eyes 68%  –  Paranoid 30%  – Anxious 22%  – Dizzy 20%

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1 Ounce (28g), 2 Ounce (56g), 4 Ounce (Quarter Pound), Half Pound, 1 Pound


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