OG Kush


OG Kush 75% indica-dominant strain-  19%-22%THC Level

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OG Kush РThis is one of the old school strain with outstanding popularity and was first cultivated in Florida. The resulting cross is a hybrid kush with a serious punch and a unique terpene profile. From Northern California was crossed with a Hindu Kush plant that originated from Amsterdam Netherlands. Stoners always expect a hard-hitting mixed high with an intense cerebral high along with some serious couch-locking indica effects. This strain has been a staple in creating a variety of other famous strains such as Girl Scout Cookies and is still well-received today.  Buy 420 weed online Australia.

OG Kush Effects

For medical purposes OG Kush is a popular for use it to treat conditions such as:, Stress , Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Lack of appetite

75% indica-dominant strain the OG Kush surprisingly produces quite a head-focused high. Begins with a head rush that increases focus and attention span. Sensory perception may also be exaggerated in some users. A general sense of happiness and euphoria will take over the user producing an uplifted state of mind and mood. This strain has pleasant sativa effects that will not overwhelm the user by disorienting the senses and mind which is typical of other sativa strains. If you plan on smoking during the day, it is best to time it right to avoid couch-locking and laziness when not at home. This strain is great for enhancing short activities followed by relaxing.

Following the sativa cerebral effects, a heavy sense of relaxation will take over the body and laziness may take over. Users will experience heavy couch-lock and soon after, sleepiness. We recommend this strain for evening use.

Looks, Smell and Taste

Medium to large buds and is quite dense, which is typical of indica-dominant plants. The smoke is a little harsher than usual due to its dominant indica genetics but overall, it is still an enjoyable and great smoke. When smoking, it has a strong earthiness that sticks on the tongue for some time after.

The leaves are pale green with a moderately dense coating of trichomes. When taking a whiff, users will notice a heavy earthiness and woodiness with hints of pine and maybe even lemon depending on the phenotype.

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