God’s Green Crack


God’s Green Crack

18%-22% THC

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God’s Green Crack indica-dominant hybrid that came about by crossing two of the most notorious strains, God Bud and Green Crack, the God’s Green Crack strain is super rare and definitely one worth a try when you see it, especially for those seeking a well-rounded strain as it delivers both sativa and indica effects that are highly enjoyable.

A herbal and tropical fruity flavor profile backed by a strong potency that reaches as high as 25% THC, God’s Green Crack is a strain that can be used recreationally or for self-medicating, and will surely please novices as well as more experienced users of cannabis!

God’s Green Crack Effects

God’s Green Crack is super potent and pretty fast acting. An indica-dominant hybrid, the strain offers both sativa and indica effects for a relatively well-balanced.

Uplifting and relaxing high.

New consumers will experience a cerebral head high with a boost of energy, creativity and focus. These effects can help with productivity and getting tasks or projects done. Be it creative and artistic work or more analytical work.

The same cerebral properties may help alleviate symptoms of ADD/ADHD as users feel more focused, though there are also waves of euphoria that will be experienced during this head high that can help manage stress, depression and anxiety.

THC Content

A high average range of 22% – 28% in THC. It is indica dominant with a ratio of 55% indica to 45% sativa. Its parents are infamous for their own potency and high THC content. God Bud, a balanced hybrid at 50%:50% sativa/indica though considered indica-leaning.

Averages 14% to 22% THC and was made by crossing two dank favorites,

Looks & Smell

It has buds that are a bit on the larger side and are fluffy in appearance.

The colors are of a dark forest green with speckles of curly orange pistils and purple leaves, a trait that it carries from its purple indica ancestors. It is finished with a beautiful layer of amber -colored crystal trichomes. While this strain’s name can be intimidating.

Fruity in flavor. Its aromas are of tangy citrus and tropical fruits which are more prevalent as the buds are broken down.


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