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Raspberry Cough

Sativa Strain

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Raspberry Cough – this strain is a sativa dominant hybrid, a creation of Nirvana Seeds by breeding a Cambodian landrace with the Ice strain. This phenotype  however, is a pure sativa, a result of further crossing to reach this variant of perfection! It packs a delicious blend of flavors which, as you can guess, are fruity and reminiscent of sweet raspberries, a great taste that is further complemented with undertones of rich herbals, oranges and spices! With up to 24% THC content and 1% CBD.

This strain offers users all the best of a sativa high, including a mood elevating uplift and a boost of energy accompanied by a calming body high that is relaxing and relieving without being debilitating or sedating! With Raspberry Cough, you’ll be getting the relaxation and uplift you need while maintaining the energy and focus to get through the day!

Raspberry Cough Effects

Using for recreational or medical purpose, if you’re looking for a fun and effective mood boosting strain, Raspberry Cough may be the perfect one for you and your needs. Very fast acting, starting off with a cerebral head high that is focused and energized, making it ideal for a wake and bake to prepare for a long day ahead, or simply for mid-day usage as a little pick me up kind of strain to help get you through the rest of the day. These uplifting effects melt away stress and worries, as well as symptoms of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety.

Energizing and motivating nature will also strip away any feelings of fatigue. These effects are accompanied by a relaxing body high that is more tranquil and calming in nature rather than sedating, allowing you to feel at ease without being tired. This body high also helps alleviate a variety of symptoms, including those associated with chronic pains, cramps, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, asthma and multiple sclerosis. With Raspberry Cough, users get the best of medicinal effects without the heavy sedation that normally encompasses higher potency strains!

THC Content

Many variants of the Raspberry Cough are of the sativa hybrid variety, traditionally bred for a ratio of 70% sativa dominance to 30% indica. It was first bred by Nirvana Seeds and made by crossing a Cambodian landrace, which is a 100% pure sativa delivering 26% THC on average, and Ice, a near even sativa and indica hybrid that offers around 20% THC levels and 1% CBD. This cut of Raspberry Cough offered by Green Society however was further crossed and resulted in a pure sativa variant. It yields a THC content of about 15% to 24% on average, and also offers 1% CBD.

Looks & Smell

Its buds are small and round, and may have fluffs or chunks of leaves jutting out that give it quite an ornamental look. Its colors are a variation of olive and deep, dark mint green with bright golden orange pistils, as well as little white and golden trichomes. It is heavily frosted, giving it a snow-blanketed appearance.

Compared to a majority of cannabis strains, one of Raspberry Cough’s best qualities is its aroma! Bright, fresh, sweet, earthy and berry like with undertones of nuttiness, a whiff alone is quite pleasant! When consuming, users will taste a complex though delectable blend of flavors that includes overtones of fresh herbs and raspberry, highlighted by undertones of oranges, spices, earthiness, and a hint of sweetness that can be compared to strawberry candies!


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