Blackberry Diesel Kush


Blackberry Diesel Kush

17%-23% THC

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Blackberry Diesel Kush is a hybrid strain that is known within cannabis circles globally. It is known as a heavily intoxicating strain with an enticing and unique kush, diesel and sweet berry-like aroma.

Came from an intoxicating sativa-dominant hybrid strain that inherited a strong, diesel aroma and subtle sweet and grape flavors for which Blackberry Diesel has become loved for.

A high THC concentration that on average between 17-23%.  With such THC levels and such a compelling high, many may easily forget that this is a sativa-dominant hybrid.

This sativa-dominant can be described as upbeat, uplifting and highly energetic. The psychoactive effects kick in and provide the user with an intense heady-buzz that is great for day-time use.

Blackberry Diesel Kush Effects

Its potency is backed up by the numbers anywhere between 17-23% THC concentration levels.

This sativa-dominant hybrid strain is known for having an array of therapeutic and recreational effects that are almost instantaneously felt.

Both medicinal and recreational cannabis users for its complex high and plentiful benefits. The initial high of Blackberry Diesel by True North.

Energizing, upbeat, and uplifting cerebral buzz that’ll have you feel like you’re floating in the clouds.

This spirited sativa-dominant hybrid is characterized as a highly motivating strain that is great for morning and day-time use! Blackberry Diesel is ideal for those dealing with fatigue, lack of energy or motivation and stress!

Appearance & Aroma

Blackberry Diesel Kush is a combo sativa-dominant hybrid that packs a one-two punch with both its potent effects and astounding bag appeal. This unique strain produces medium to large bright green buds with tiny specks of deep purple tones.

Each bud is blanketed by a thick, resinous layer of fluorescent THC trichomes and when broken apart, only then are Blackberry Diesel’s most tantalizing features discovered.

Aroma and flavor of Blackberry Diesel is a truly unique and exotic profile that is like no other. As a cross between East Coast Sour Diesel and Plushberry.

it inherited exhilarating notes of an earthy, tart diesel and wonderful kush, berry and grape-like tones from the latter strain. Upon smoking, Blackberry Diesel exhibits a taste that is characteristically earthy, hash-like with undertones of jet fuel and berries.


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